Agency Department

Activities carried out by the Agency Department include assessment of the current market value/rent of the property before the property is placed in the market. We sell/let commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural properties for our clients.

Department's Mission Statement

To meet our clients accomodation requirements by letting and selling the property at optimum value.

The Departments' main functions include:-

  1. 1.Selling and Letting of Residential Prolierties
  2. 2.Selling and Letting of Commercial Prolierties
  3. 3.Selling and Letting of Industrial Prolierties

Letting/leasing - scope of work

  1. Advertise the Property for lease by means and methods that the Agent in its discretion determines are reasonably competitive, including but not limited to creating and placing advertisements with interior and exterior photographic and audio-visual images of the Property and related information in any media and the Internet;
  2. To come up with a comprehensive marketing strategy for letting of the proposed building and bi annual review of the same.
  3. Place “To Let” signs or other signs on the Property in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and bye -laws;
  4. Develop a sound anchor tenant policy and tenant mix for the retail space us that will enhance a functional retail store.
  5. To vet, verify information and references in rental applications from prospective tenants and carry out due diligence ;
  6. Negotiate and execute letters of offer/tenancies on the Proprietor’s behalf for the Property at market rates and on Competitively reasonable terms for initial terms of not less than 24 months and in accordance with the proprietor`s instructions from time to time.
  7. Negotiate and execute any amendments, extensions, or renewals to any tenancies for the Property on the Proprietor’s behalf;
  8. Registration of property documents such as leases and sale agreements.
  9. Advise clients on the appropriate prices of various types of properties
  10. Perform other necessary services related to the leasing and letting of commercial properties as provided for by the Institute of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK)