Marketing Department

We apply several options to market our client properties. Some of our marketing strategies include, but not limited to, the following:-

  1. Interacting with our exhaustive client database
  2. eMarketing
  3. Daily Newspapers and Supplementaries
  4. Real Estate Magazines
  5. Brochures/Flyers
  6. A one- page Presentation profile
  7. Target Groups
  8. Bill boards
  9. Site Representatives
  10. Consistent Focus
  11. Model Project
  12. Exhibitions/Expos
  13. Diaspora Market

We at Tysons Limited utilize several options to advertise and market any property at our disposal. Some of the strategies include and are not limited to the following:-

Exhausting our entire client database:

We have a long list of clients both local and foreign who have inquired for various properties

Advertising on the Internet:

This is an area that is already popular in the market and has enabled us to broaden our clientele base by transcending the local market boundaries into the international market. We market all our properties through our websites

Newspaper and Real Estate Magazine:

We run advertisements in the local daily Newspapers (Daily Nation and The Standard) with photographs and details of the project. We also run coloured adverts on Real Estate magazines e.g. Focus on property, Property Watch e.t.c.


We liaise with the developer, the Architects and the project manager to come up with appropriate brochures; which are distributed on site and sent to target groups. This includes the property profile and comprehensive details.

A one- page Presentation profile:

This are displayed in strategic centers like the Sarit Centre, Village Market, Nakumatt Junction, Nakumatt West Gate and other shopping malls. This exposes any property at our disposal to the high number of shoppers who frequent these secluded centres.

Target Groups:

We carefully select and identify target groups of prospective clients and approach the groups directly. The target group being the middle in public and private sector e.g. NGO’s, Parastatals, Banks, Insurance Industry, Oil companies, UN Agencies, Self employed, Business people including a new category which has emerged lately of Kenyans working abroad.

Bill boards:

The boards normally create awareness about housing projects and have an immediate marketing impact. Bill Boards are placed at various strategic locations with the aim of exposing the properties to a significant number of motorists and pedestrians.

Site Representative:

We deploy a marketing site representative to attend to prospective clients on site. The site representatives undergo thorough training before being deployed to the site. This ensures that prospective clients have adequate details and information fro our site offices before visiting our offices to commence the sales transaction.

Consistent Focus:

The property are given consistent attention and personalize approach.

Model Project:

This is another strategy which has created a great impact for the up/ongoing projects. We liaise with the Architect and the Project Manager to have a model designed for the proposed property; this helps prospective buyers to sample how the actual proposed project will look like.


Annually the "Property Expos" which are held at the Sarit Centre, K.I.C.C and other shopping centers to expose prospective housing projects to a wide array of potential buyers who visit

Diaspora Market:

After successful participation in property exhibitions in London, the frequent marketing campaigns and visit by our marketing team, we have tapped the Diaspora market and we look forward to market the property in the Diaspora through our foreign contacts and website.